Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Hair Stuff!

Just a tiny little release to prove that I haven't died or anything. Here are a couple of cute bows for your hair. One is big and floppy and has stars, the other is double bows on each side of your head. These are super cheap (L$30 each or L$185 for all colors)!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Since my computer had been down, to fill my need for playing dress up with something, I ended up diving head first into the world of BJDs. The downside is that they are incredibly expensive though after looking at the process and the cost of materials...there's a good reason why.

Somehow that didn't stop me though. The only thing I refuse to buy for them is clothes, I can't see spending money on clothes for a doll when it costs the same as an outfit for myself!

This is my newest one, a little anthro fox that came dressed as a train station master. I think I may make him a little outfit that resembles a butler or something but I'm not sure. Also I'm having problems thinking of a good name for him but I'm sure it'll come to me eventually.

I've also really wanted to make my own simply because it would be cheap and I could proudly say that I made it. So far I've made a head and I plan to just buy a body for it .

The back of the head is off right now because I'm still working on hallowing out the insides more so that eyes fit better as well as adding some ears. The eyelids also need some touching up and then a good sanding to even out the rough spots.

My big project though is to make a small faun girl. She will be about the same height as my little fox. My reason was that a certain company came out with a little limited faun girl (well they're androgynous but they look like girls mostly) and I honestly fell in love at first sight. It was mostly with the hooves though, hooves seem to be a big fad right now in the bjd world but these were different than anything out there yet. There's no way I can bring up that kinda money though in a few days so I decided that this was what was going to get me to make a full doll.

That's all I have right now is one leg. I should have made both at the same time but this is a first time thing for me, I really wanted to make sure I could do it. It's rough and a bit ugly but I still have quite a few hairs to add and alot of sanding to do before this will look anything close to pretty. It's already teaching me quite a bit about sculpting.

I'll end my wall of text with a sword-wielding cat girl!