Friday, December 28, 2007

Golden Compass - Squee!

If you go to the official movie page, you can find out what your daemon would be XD

Note: Haruru is the name I use for every other account >.>

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Crazy Hair

I had a craving for hair that was kinda crazy and so after throwing some prims around for a little while, it finally started to take shape and became this!:

I named it Gekko because one of the hair clips has a little bitty gecko. The clips, gecko, and hair ties are all tintable.

Since I don't have a large prim allowance, I can't offer individual colors so all my hair come in color packs but to make up for the fact that you don't have a choice of buying them separate, they are insaaaaanely cheap. How cheap? Try L$150! It's not like I'm losing money or anything so I don't mind putting them up for such a small price.

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Fuzzy and Warm

Getting a new computer is always great but then there are some disadvantages, such as the fact that all my resources were on my old computer and I have yet to transfer them so I am basically having to start from scratch in Photoshop.

I usually forget to update here when I add something new to my shop so I'll do it now while I'm thinking about it XD

Firsties, it's winter time and that means people are gonna get cold! I made a pair of knitted mittens and some fuzzy fuzzy earmuffs with a matching knit band. Everything is tintable and cheap; both things for L$50 :D

Next are some leg warmers. I know there are sculpted ones and probably some that are much better than these but I wanted some prim leg warmers with the rolls that weren't just straight tubes. These actually have a curve that shapes to the leg because your legs aren't boards! These too are tintable and cost only L$20.

Also because I haven't mentioned my shop here yet, everything is mod/copy so I won't refund you if you make a mistake while editing. However, if you give me your transaction number, I will replace them for you.

Friday, December 7, 2007

Monochrome Cute

I don't usually do the whole fashion thing and never meant to turn my blog into a fashion log of sorts, not cause I hate it or anything but it's just not my bag. Though I will make such a post because well, I like my outfit right now and I felt like showing off. :P

It's pretty much a throw-together. I usually like to wear sets as they come (cause I get lazy and someone else already made something look cool for me XD) and it took me a while to find hair that really pulled it together for me. Luckily Helyanwe came through right on time as this hair was just released today!

So, here is a list of what this outfit consists of! :

Skin: D-Skin05 v1.2 - Color A
Hair: ::DK:: Pistolita - Coal
Eyes: Kadaj by Selos Dae
Ears: Black Neko by Wynx
Tail: Large Neko Tail by Hybrid
Collar: Collar option 3 from the Little Garden White Knit set by =Feather=
Shirt: White Stripey Sweater from WRONG
Vest: Kamryn from *Last Call*
Skirt: Toxicity Black from Canimal
Socks: Gauzed from Winter Moon
Legwarmers & Shoes: Knit Legwarmers from :Tampopo: (Made by moi XD) and Maryjane Flats from Boing Fromage

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Shenanigans at Le Zoo

My good friend Candy Flanagan mentioned a new sim to me called "Le Zoo". Needless to say, my curiosity was piqued. She invited me along for a little adventure with her older brother and I couldn't possibly decline! Then as we got there, things came up and he wasn't able to supervise us on our Zoo adventure. Now there were two children, free of parents or guardians...we had no choice but to cause havoc.

After a heated debate on what animal we should check out first, we were distracted by the melodious song of the penguin. We quickly ran to the edge of the enclosure and pressed our shiny faces to the glass. Many squeals of joy rang out across the crisp air as we caught sight of fluffy little chicks and tall waddling birds dressed in sharp tuxedos.

Just across from the silly birds, we spotted more movement. A great white terror lazing about in the ice. "Polar bear!" we squealed. Upon closer inspection we discovered that this bear had a cub by its side and we proceeded to bang violently upon the glass, maybe we wanted it to look at us, maybe we wanted to climb inside and snuggle them, either way, none of these things happened.

At this point, we were famished and we needed something to give us more fuel. We spotted an ice cream stand and raced at full speed. The person behind the counter took one look at our sad little faces and practically threw the ice cream at us in haste. We consumed it with much vigor and upon turning spotted a very creepy man in a long black coat. He seemed moody the whole time as he stared at us and I had my shin kicking skills at the ready if he got any ideas of offering us candy.

We promptly dashed off and discovered a gift shop with balloon animals and stuffies ready for hugging! The thing that caught our attention most though was the Zoo Mobile. Candy insisted on driving and I agreed; I was confident in her driving abilities. Apparently so were two other grown-ups that joined us quickly on our cart. (The two specimens were confirmed as Lana Miranda and Haedon Quine XD) It was quickly realized however that this would not be a joyful ride through the park, more like Russian roulette with a vehicle.

It was not long after browsing through a few shops that she lost control and flipped the cart into a lovely Christmas tree. Luckily the tree survived mostly unharmed but...we lost our two dear passengers. They will probably never be seen again but we hope that maybe...just maybe, they're in a better place today.

We hadn't learned our lesson yet though as we grabbed yet another cart, though this time it was little Kriket's turn behind the wheel. I decided this time to take it a little slower and despite some bumps and a twisted bumper, we got through it alright. However the cart was quickly ditched when we discovered that one of the creatures had gotten itself loose of the cages. We found him gingerly munching on a hat and ignoring our pokes and prods. After deciding that he was quite preoccupied, we took things to the next level. Let me just say that climbing a rhino is harder than it looks.

We said goodbye to our leathery friend and took a peek inside the shop where he was browsing only to discover that he had apparently been inside as well. (lol, the pile was a pose stand.)

After a long day at the zoo, our sugar rushes faded and I opted for a nap to recharge those spent batteries. I hope to return soon and maybe this time I'll get to ride a giraffe.