Monday, October 29, 2007

Big Bada Boom

A bored teenager naps restlessly upon her desk dreaming of world domination and kittens.

She shoves a cookie in her mouth and sighs, what would make this day more exciting?

On this day Kriket joined leagues with the might Gundam and Zaku units and together, they blew the crap out of an unsuspecting city muahahahahahahahaha!

Actually I was just flying around after checking out a shop and found these life scale Gundam and Zaku units, their weapons aimed directly at a city blown to smithereens.


Made of Win

I can finally wear them!
I can finally wear the wings made by Siyu because she released them, along with the elf ears pictured.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Midnight Masquerade and Halloween Goodies

Last night was Siyu Suen's Midnight Masquerade, a black and white themed ball. There were quite a few people there and everyone was dressed so nicely. Siyu made special masks as prizes for the best dressed male and female and made her appearance looking somewhat like Princess Amidala. XD
As for myself, I kept it nice and simple (seeing as how there was a 150 prim limit to keep the lag down XD) and found probably the only straight black and white kimono there is in SL. Luckily it's a very well made one! I also bought geisha dances because the usual dances that have you moving all over the place make that skirt stretch out in ugly ways. Unfortunatly I got tired about two hours in and had to call it a night but I'm sure everyone had fun without me. :P

Halloween is nearly here and so many designers have been offering things for the holiday! In the Japanese side, Moeka Kohime (creator of Edelweiss and the haunted hospital) created a little stamp rally game. You grab a card from the White Arrow Cafe and start there. You equip this little card and click the stamp machine and the little stamp actually shows up on the card! It's such a neat idea, anyway, you then take the card to the two other shops for stamps (I'll be bad and tell you that it's Edelweiss and Katsuzo Works) and then return to the White Arrow Cafe. There you click on Moeka's butler with the pumpkin head and he gives you a gift box full of goodies from each of the three locations.

From White Arrow you get two adorable sculpted Halloween themed chairs, from Katsuzo you get a little pumpkin firework that you can put on your desk, and from Edelweiss, this awesome batwing headband. The wings grow huge when you fly!

The next place with goodies is of course Bare Rose. You must find these tiny little characters that each hold a piece of either the male or female outfit. Both are really awesome. Luckily you get a little help, you can grab a notecard with directions and screenshots that give hints to the locations of the little Amechans.

Also, you can't forget Deviant Kitties. Helyanwe is holding a pumpkin hunt! I was expecting to be looking around a little for normal pumpkins but noooooo, she had to make them super tiny. There are 16 pumpkins to find, each one holds a special surprise from hair, clothing, eyes, even skin! Taking the time to find all 16 was worth it. :)

Friday, October 26, 2007

Adventures in Lico Lico and More

Yesterday I went in search of something new and cute and made a few discoveries. First I stopped by Cherry Tokyo Kimonos. They have a huge selection as you can see in the picture and that was just one wall! They also have more formal kimonos, geisha wigs, and fans that emit pretty particles. Upstairs they also have a small selection of cosplay.

Next I went to a shop called Sugar. They had some more skimpy kimonos and plenty of cosplay. I couldn't resist taking a picture of this outfit. XD

The next stop was the Lico Lico mall. I had no idea what I was missing until I dropped by. Right now they have a Halloween mall up which gathers many Halloween specials from all sorts of designers, a must see. There are so many shops in the regular mall catering to gothic lolita lovers. This shop in particular caught my eye, it has beautifully textured kimonos and a few cute little house decorations.

Here's another shop full of adorable clothing called CanalGrande. Coats, mini-kimono, and frilly dresses. Come and get it!

I'm sure a few people have seen this big cuddly bugger around in the Japanese sims. I also found him here at Lico Lico. He's giant and adorable and can seat three people! He comes in three colors and has poseable ears for that cute floppy look or a perky and whimsical mood.

I stopped by a small shop called Kiki's Closet and was excited to find this freebie, an entire dress and matching headdress. It's a great quality freebie with sculpted sleeves. Everything else in this shop is incredibly cheap and cute.

I grabbed my friend Candy Flanagan to partake in this jem and she popped out her own adorable rabbit friend. We then proceeded to zoom around the mall perched atop bunny (no it's not a vehicle, she just dragged it along XD)

I caught sight of this tiny dancing...soooo adorable.

Then Candy showed me the most awesome thing EVER. For Halloween, Moeka Kohime (Maker of Edelweiss) set up a special version of hide and seek. It's a haunted hospital full of ghosts that will probably cause you to jump in your chair when they suddenly fade into view. Grab a free flashlight and gather a few friends, this is definitely worth it. I won't spoil anymore of it but the end holds some goodies for sale and look, this ghost kitten decided he wanted to haunt me for the rest of my days. Good thing he's cute.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

About Kriket

This is a journal mostly about my adventures in Second Life. I should have started it earlier though; I've had soooo many awesome moments. I really believe that Second Life has had a hand in shaping me a bit in my growth in the year I have been playing. I've met many different types of people and though I don't talk to them all now, they have all touched me in some way that I couldn't possibly forget. Anyway, enough with the mushy stuff.

Let's hear about "Kriket Pimpernel."
Though Kriket is my avatar, sometimes I think that maybe when I'm offline, she has a life of her own out there. Probably not but leave my imagination alone :P. Her appearance is always changing but there are a few things that always stay somewhat the same. She has a blue and a green eye (heterochromia) and white hair (though not always in the same length or style XD). Also, she is somewhat anthro and of the canine variety, having white ears and tail. Although sometimes I feel like being an elf or faun because change is good. Her style of dress varies from elegant gothic lolita to street punk.

Here's a picture to give you an idea of how cute she is. Also one of the few times in black hair. :P

Now, what exactly do I do in Second Life? The very first thing I did was explore. SL is huge! There's tons of new stuff being added everyday and I want to see it all. Usually I just pick a word of interest and enter it into search, then run around to places that look interesting. Then I learned how to build and so I do that too. I like to build all kinds of different things though because I don't think my attention span could handle focusing on one type of build. I also have a job! I work for my best SL friend, Siyu Suen. She owns a shop called Illusions (click her name for her blog about her shop or click the shop's name to be teleported directly!). She's got mad skills in building, especially with sculpted prims. Anyway, I work as a greeter and helper at her shop. Either that or I encourage her and give her critique to help her builds be the best that they can be!

I've done alot of things in SL, played many roles and such. I don't roleplay much now though because most of the RP sims are the same thing, dark and grungy cities with fighting and sex. I need something deeper and more involved to keep my interest.

Well then, how about a little of the real life me? The person behind Kriket?
I do not lead an exciting life. I'm 19 years old, I graduated a year late from high school because in my freshman year my parents decided that they didn't want to be around each other anymore. I'm very shy and don't usually talk to people. I don't do it to be rude or anything like that, I just believe that one doesn't really need to open their mouth unless they have something worth saying. I live with my boyfriend and have been together with him for 3 years now and he is one of my best friends.
I am an artist, any type of art you put in front of me, I will spit out a finished piece and it will probably be pretty good. Not trying to sound cocky about it but I am told I should learn to accept compliments XD. I am extremely encouraging about another building their own artistic skill however and will gladly teach people any techniques or secrets I know in order to reach a more beautiful tomorrow.
Em, I've rambled enough for this post. I shall return for another later!