Thursday, March 19, 2009


So alot of different things in my real life have happened and I'm still not quite sure if it's all been real or not. I even question if my life before it all was even real. But I finally think I'm ready to start doing things again as I used to.

So the past couple of days I have been nudging myself back onto SL, not really to do any work but to get back in touch with friends and secure important bonds once again.

I will say that my first task is to revamp hair textures to make them more shiny and brilliant and to finally have tipped colors. I estimate this task will probably take me a few days to create the default texture itself and then another day to do all the colors.

Never fear, I have not vanished!


Selos said...

You're real don't worry :)

Green Dream said...

Ooo, there's a whole movie/book about a girl who questions her existence because her dad hides her away. She surrounds herself with mirrors so she can see herself, but one day something actually talks to her through the mirror and she goes to this different realm and things become all questioning again.

Yeah, I know, odd. :P Anyways, wonderful to see you back again.