Thursday, April 9, 2009


So things were going pretty great, I was working pretty hard to get those new textures done so I could start building more hairs and have pretty new textures and make a big ol come back!

Long story short, after trying to get a game to work on my computer, I must have killed a system file and now I'm unable to boot my computer. How great is that?

My IT friend says that I could just easily fix it by putting in my windows install disk but I don't have one lol. Anyway he's supposed to at some point come and assist me on this but his schedule is pretty tight so that might not be for a while.

I've tried getting on SL with my mother's computer but it just doesn't have the juice to run it. I'm resorting to using my PS3 for all my simple browsing and email stuff but besides that, there's not much I'm able to do.

Go me.


Selos said...

T_T omg the shit luck of shittyness X_x

Kalel Mommsen said...

awww i hope you come back soon..

Green Dream said...

I feel for you, Kriket. The universe is out to get me, too. ;_; *offers her a helmet*